Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to give my blog a read! You’re bound to enjoy, so stick around!

My Background

I was born in Dover, Delaware in the year 2000. I’m young right? I know. At the time Dover was just starting to grow. The hospital I was born in still only had three floors. (It’s since doubled and they’re always expanding!) I was born to a young single mom and life, while hectic was always a very fun adventure.

I grew up loving my mother’s home cooked meals and I’d say that’s definitely one of the main reasons I started to develop into a foodie! My mom was always the best cook and I know so much love went into those meals. That’s something I strive for now with my cooking, because I think you can truly lift someone up with some food made with love.

I’d say I really started cooking around age 10 or 11. It wasn’t much at the time, maybe some breakfast in bed for my mom or a simple meal for myself during the summer while my mom was at work. However, that all began to change when I was in 7th grade. I started a Home Economics class in my middle school and suddenly, every week I was learning to cook something new. Cookies, muffins, funnel cake, burgers (even then I preferred veggie burgers)… So much knowledge was being poured into me and I was hooked!

I spent the rest of my teenage years always trying to improve my cooking. Holidays were my absolute favorite time of the year because, not only could I watch my mom do all of her cooking, but I got to prepare some dishes of my own for the family. Stuffing and pies became my specialty. I definitely tried my hand at other things, like pretzel salad, but nothing could ever match my stuffing or my cherry pie.

Now my siblings have always been incredibly picky, (I know what a shame) but my parents always made time to try what I made; and most times it went over super well! I lived to try out new recipes.

Fast forward to the year 2019. I moved out of parents’ house and suddenly I was a full fledged adult (sort of.) I started working 5 days a week at a grueling job, but I always made time once a week to have my friends over for a home cooked dinner. It was then that I really saw that I could do what my mom had done for me all those years ago, prepare good food filled with love! My friends began to love those dinners and I loved being able to experiment with different recipes. There was a library just down the street from where I lived and I regularly went there to check out cooking and crocheting books.

While I was building my repertoire of knowledge from books, I was also starting to develop a innate knowledge to develop my own recipes. My homemade pasta sauce became a hit. The recipe only ever lived in my head at that time but, every time I made it, it was a success. It took me at least two hours to make but it was my favorite meal to prepare so it was well worth the effort.

Nowadays, I cook for my family again. I moved back in with my parents and my 3 siblings in March of 2020 as soon as Covid-19 started causing lock-downs in my home state so I wouldn’t be alone and would have support. I make curries, soups, bean burgers, and a whole array of other amazing foods. My parents also have a small organic farm so I have access again to fresh and amazing produce. (It’s definitely made the food I cook 10 million times better!)

That’s one thing I love about living in a more rural area again. Fresh, local, produce is well worth it’s weight in gold. It makes whatever you’re preparing so much better. It was nice living in the city for 6 months, but I’m not going to soon do it again. I’m definitely a farm girl at heart!

Now I tend a small garden where I grow squash, okra, melons, and tomatoes, and cook a few times a week. I preserve my excess produce and am always loving to show off all that I’m doing on Instagram. There’s always something new I’m dying to make and once it’s summer in Delaware there is more than enough fresh produce to make any home cook crazy.

I’m glad you decided to take a look into my journey. No matter if you follow for a day, a month, or a year, I appreciate you. Thank you. -Kate

Published by k.emerso00

20 year old blogger and online business owner located in the small state of Delaware, USA.

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