Spiced Rum Molasses Cookies

I moved to a very rural part of Delaware when I was thirteen. Coming from a neighborhood that dumped right out on to a major highway, it was a big change. There was suddenly so many new things to experience! The open fields, the woods behind my house, what it was like to ride down a back road… So many awesome new things I got to see and do.

However, one thing that I enjoyed more than most other things was that two of my new neighbors had horses. One of them was an Amish family, and while they were nice, I was not going to be riding their horses anytime soon. The other was a woman and her husband who owned two horses.

Now, I’ll admit, like a lot of girls I went through a horse phase. Around age ten I absolutely loved horses! I loved all of the different breeds, all of the different riding competitions, I loved it all! Of course, my family thought it was cute. They got me things like horse stuffed animals and horse puzzles for Christmas and my birthday. I got horse books, and for a couple of years, my yearly calendar was a horse theme.

Barbies were out and I had a new favorite. It always made me so happy to be able to see my neighbor’s horses. I would go and talk to them from the other side of the pasture fence, and I would pet their noses when they became comfortable enough with me to approach me.

So, you can imagine that when my neighbor approached me with an offer for me to ride one of her horses I was thrilled! Her horses loved two treats the most, gingersnaps and apples. I would feed them both and for a solid couple of years, there was always at least one box of gingersnap cookies in my family’s snack cabinet at any given time.

Now that my horse phase has passed and my neighbor has moved away, I am slowly reviving those memories. That has now included trying to make my own take on the classic gingersnap cookies that both the horses, and I, enjoyed for those years.

By adding in all-spice and rum extract I elevated the ginger and molasses taste combination that anyone who’s had a gingersnap would know. It’s a country, homey, kind of taste. It invokes a feeling of being in the rural country or a cabin in the forest. It’s definitely not a taste that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the city!

I opted out of coating my batch of cookies with sugar, however you don’t have to. I’m low sugar and I have two diabetics in my family at home so that is what I have to do, but I’ve been told that they’re amazing with sugar as well as without.

I’m so glad you took the time to check out this recipe. If you make this recipe be sure to post a picture and tag me on Instagram!

I’m so glad you decided to check out a post on my blog! Whether you stick around for a day, a week, or a year I appreciate you. -Kate

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20 year old blogger and online business owner located in the small state of Delaware, USA.

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