Southern Summer Slow Cooker Vegetable Rice

Delicious summer vegetables make this slow cooker rice a hit!

We’re now halfway into our month of slow cooker meals. I have really enjoyed coming up with and trying these amazing recipes. I truly hope y’all have been enjoying them just as much as I have.

This week’s recipe is a downright delicious rice recipe. Rice is a staple of my vegan diet. One cup alone has four and a half grams of protein. Paired with a side of beans or tofu and you’re off to a very filling and nutritious meal.

I also enjoy just how versatile rice is. It’s the perfect foundation for a good recipe.

For this recipe I combined three summer vegetables that grow well in the American South. Delaware is situation right at the bottom of the Mid-Atlantic region, however we still get very warm and humid summers.

In this vegetable rice I added okra, tomatoes, and corn. I really love all three of these vegetables. Between the juiciness of the cherry tomatoes to the sweetness of the corn to the texture added with the okra it’s just an amazing combination.

It is my first year growing okra so I was very excited to get to start using it in recipes as the fruit on my plants have begun to ripen. I’ve been thoroughly surprised at just how much my plants can produce. I’ve only got three producing plants and I still get several pods a week.

The vegetables in this recipe add so much flavor to the rice that very few seasonings are needed. In this recipe I used smoked paprika, cayenne, and sage. I use sage a lot as a supporting actress in my recipes. It’s never my goal for it to be the main flavor, but I feel like it rounds out my dishes. (I also have two very large sage bushes that I harvest a lot of leaves from) I also used a little green onion in this recipe, because I wanted an onion flavor in the recipe without having the addition of white or yellow onion overpower the other vegetables.

The heat level of this recipe is easily changeable by adjusting the amount of cayenne powder used. I used half a teaspoon and that made the rice pretty hot. For a milder taste I would recommend a quarter teaspoon. I like about a medium heat level so I’ll probably end up lowering the cayenne powder I use the next time I make this recipe to about a third of a teaspoon.

I really enjoyed this recipe and I hope you do too! If you make it and enjoy it be sure to take a picture and post it to either Instagram or Facebook. Be sure to tag me so I can see your creation! I love seeing y’all make and enjoy my recipes.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Whether you stay a day, a week, a month, or a year I appreciate you. -Kate

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