Turmeric Squash Soup

This soup is wonderful enjoyed hot or cold.

Soups are a super easy summer dish to make. This recipe combines winter squash that matured in my garden this month and spices like turmeric and pepper.

This week I was looking to create an easy slow cooker recipe. I was super busy and did not have time to be trying to make something with a lot of ingredients! So I grabbed a couple squash and some spices and voila! A slow cooker side.

It’s beautiful to look at and super yummy. I topped mine with tahini when eating it with my dinner.

This soup is incredibly easy to make. This recipe does require a blender as well so make sure you have one on hand. (Or you can use a food processor if that’s what you have.) Otherwise you’ll just be making steamed squash.

When looking for squash for this recipe I recommend butternut squash or butternut and acorn. I used butternut and Red Kuri, but I know Red Kuri squash is not very common and likely can’t be found at your local grocery store. However, if you have a garden and are harvesting mature winter squash, any type will do. I like butternut because of it’s beautiful orange color. It just makes my soup look so good!

I use a small slow cooker so when I made this recipe it yielded 24 oz of soup. This can be between two and three servings depending on if you are eating it as a side or as your main dish. I recommend eating it as a side with some tasty tofu, beans, or tempeh as a source of vegan protein with your meal! I ate this soup with a small salad as a light lunch today. It was such a yummy combination! Better yet, pair it with a baguette or some homemade bread.

As always, I hope y’all enjoy this recipe. If you make it and post a picture of it to your Instagram or Facebook be sure to tag me! I love seeing y’all make my recipes.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! Whether you stay for a day, a week, a month, or a year I appreciate you. -Kate

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