Thai Basil Pinwheels

This month I have worked to challenge myself in the bread recipes I bring y’all. From brewing favor infusions to adding squash into the recipe I’ve worked to create interesting recipes. This one is the perfect end to our month of bread recipes!

It’s another herbal bread and I promise you’ll enjoy it. Thai basil is paired with a hyssop and coconut milk glaze to create a beautiful and delicious bread.

This is perfect for a Middle Eastern themed dinner or just a tasty addition to any home cooked meal!

Hyssop is a fragrant herb that is native to the Middle East. It has a minty flavor and is used fresh and dried. When I used it dried I have to cook it like I did with the glaze in this recipe in a liquid beforehand, because when hyssop dries it becomes very hard.

I made the glaze today with coconut milk drink. I wanted a glaze that wasn’t too heavy as to take away from the bread, but if you are wanting something heavier you can use regular coconut milk. Just keep in mind that coconut milk has a very strong flavor.

The basil I used in this recipe was Sweet Thai Basil that my mom grew in her garden. I like it because it has a sweet and just a hint spicy flavor. It’s taste can be a likened to anise.

Of course these pinwheels can enjoyed without with glaze, however I highly recommend the glaze as it just elevates the flavor.

Flour or tapioca powder can be substituted for the cornstarch in the glaze recipe. I use cornstarch because I fins it easiest for me to use, however use what you have or whatever your preference is.

As always, I hope y’all enjoy this week’s recipe. If you make it yourself be sure to snap a picture and post it to your Instagram or Facebook. Tag me and I’ll be sure to give it a like! I always love seeing y’all make and enjoy my recipes.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! Whether you stay a day, a week, a month, or a year I appreciate you. -Kate

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