My Seed Collection

I am a big advocate for building a personal seed collection

Over the course of 2020 I saved a lot of seeds. Some were excess from packets I bought at the start of the season, some were saved from my personally grown produce, and some were seeds I got from helping a local woman with her garden over the summer.

Between these three ways I acquired quite a bit of seeds over the course of 2020. I keep them in a pencil box in my pantry to keep them cool and dry. The majority of them are in Ziplock bags, but some are in paper packets.

I’ve posted on this blog before about why you should save seeds, but I wanted to write a post now about exactly what I keep in my personal seed bank! I’m by no means a pro at seed saving but, truth be told, you really don’t have to be to be successful.

So what do I have saved?

I have quite a few types of seeds saved. To name a few I have: greens, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumbers, melons, and various squashes. Below I have included pictures of each of those groups.

My Squash Seeds
Misc Seeds
My Tomato Seeds
My Summer Crop Seeds

(All seeds pictured are ones I have saved. I also have some not pictured packets of seeds I bought both online and at my local seed store.)

As you can see I strive to have a variety. Variety is important in seed saving, because it not only allows you to grow during different times of the year but, it allows you to try out different types of crops to see what grows best.

I know last year I struggled to grow cucumbers and melons. That was likely largely due to my poor management, but I struggled none the less. This year I’m going to try to grow more and see if I get a different result.

This year I also have far more seeds in my arsenal than last year. I was working solely with seed packets that I had bought, whereas this year I have a larger variety of seeds I saved from volunteers in my last year’s garden.

Now keep in mind, I will not be planting every type of seed I have available to me. My garden is not nearly large enough for that. While, I hope to possibly expand my garden in 2021, I lack the room to grow everything. Especially, because I have a lot of seeds of plants that vine out.

That’s the nice thing about saving seeds, though. You don’t have to grow everything, because seeds last in storage. Seeds stored in a cool dry place like mine can easily last 3 to 4 years. This means I can rotate my crops based on what I find works and what I want to grow in each particular season.

I highly recommend you check out the post I linked above. It goes in depth as to why you should save seeds. It’s a very good read if you are on the fence about seed saving. I also recommend you do your research! I love utilizing YouTube to answer my questions. There are so many homesteaders and gardeners on YouTube that offer great advice. They’ve definitely inspired me!

I’d say if you’re planning a garden or growing a garden, consider saving seeds. Even if it’s just seeds from one fruit or vegetable you liked, give it a try.

I love having my seed collection. It allows me so much freedom from having to spend more each year on seeds. I also get to improve the genetics of my crops and increase their acclimation to my climate.

I hope to grow my seed bank in 2021. (I maybe shouldn’t save any more Principe Borghese seeds, though.) My mom has an entire DVD case just filled with seeds and that is my eventual goal. I’d love to have y’all check my blog out as I continue on my gardening adventure!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! Whether you stay a day, a week, a month, or a year I appreciate you. -Kate

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