My 2021 Goals

It’s is officially down to the last few days of 2020. So what do I have planned?

  1. Monetize My Blog/YouTube Channel

As of the end of 2020 neither my blog or my channel are monetized. I do all of this to simply create in my spare time. It is currently a hobby as I earn no income from it.

However, in 2021 I hope to take my content creation to the next step and start transitioning towards making it more of a job.

I very much enjoy what I do and I’d love to get paid to do it. I know currently I have a option to donate to support my blog, but I run no ads on my blog. I ask that, if you’d like to, you support my blog. It’s a $1 a month donation and it helps a lot.

I plan to start running ads during January of 2021. My YouTube channel will be monetized once it hits YouTube’s criteria.

2. Build Cattle Panel Supports In My Garden

I take a lot of garden inspiration from Jess of Roots and Refuge Farms. She uses cattle panels and T posts to support her tomatoes as they grow.

If you followed my blog over the summer you would know I did a very poor job supporting my tomatoes as they grew. Thus, I was left with a very rambley mess of a garden. That’s definitely something I know I have to correct for this coming season.

My mom and I’s proposed solution is that we both build cattle post structures in our gardens. She has a very large garden and grows a lot of tomatoes. She has up until this point used bamboo teepees with twine, however, the twine has to be replaced yearly and the tomatoes frequently out grow the teepees.

It’s time we make a more solid and long lasting investment.

I’m looking forward to building a sturdier and more permanent structure in my garden. It’ll definitely boost my chances of success in growing tomatoes. I’ll also be able to have room in my garden to grow a more diverse crop, because my tomatoes will be growing vertically versus horizontally.

3. Move Out!

While I have enjoyed getting to live with my parents and have the daily support in growing my garden and learning more about cooking and baking I yearn to establish my own independent life.

I’m twenty now and once the Covid situation has calmed down and it is safe to move out I plan on working to move out.

My gardening situation will change, but I always love new challenges and experiences so I’m excited to take it head on. I’ll definitely have to readjust how I garden if I move into an apartment or mobile home with a small lot. No matter where I end up living I will garden; it’ll just look different.

I don’t plan on moving out until at least the fall of 2021, so I still have time, but it will be on my radar.

Moving out and starting my independent adult life is exciting and scary. I’ll be totally responsible for every aspect of my life for the first time. I pay bills now and buy the majority of my own food, but I will be completely on my own.

4. Blog and Upload a Video At Least Once a Week

I took quite the break from my blog in 2020. I found myself overwhelmed as I was going through a life transition and felt very uninspired. I know it hurt my growth and it hurt me as well.

This coming year I hope to stay consistent, even when I want to give up. I pledge to create backup content to fallback on if I ever hit a week where I need a break. Currently I schedule a blog post every four days and a YouTube upload every Friday.

My winter break has allowed me ample time to get ahead of the eight ball on content production and I strive to utilize times like these to my advantage more during 2021.

5. Start Writing a Book

I dream of getting to publish a recipe book. However, it is a lengthy and time-consuming process. There’s a lot of hurdles to overcome.

I set the goal for myself to at least start progressing towards making that a reality. Whether it be just perfecting a collection of recipes to share, or even going as far as to get professional photos taken, any step is a vital step.

I have some real big ideas that I’d love to get to share with y’all. Any and all feedback helps me know what y’all want to see and how I can better help those who enjoy and engage in my content.

6. Reach 1,000 Followers On Instagram

It is a big goal of mine to grow my online following. I fell very called to share my message of nutrition and self-reliance, so to be able to share it with a larger crowd would be amazing.

I love the community and support I have already with my blog and my channel and I hope that if y’all like what you see you share it with those around you. Lead them to my channel or my blog so they can learn to!

It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m only getting started!

7. Graduate From the Work Training Program

I started a work training program at my local community college in November of 2020. It has allowed me so far to gain knowledge and skill to prepare me to work in the medical field. I’ve loved it and it’s given me a great sense of security, because I know medical jobs are always in demand.

While I love creating content, I know I am not at a place yet where I can support myself solely on my blog and YouTube channel. This gives me a way to provide for myself so I can continue to pursue my passions and try to grow them to a point where they can support me.

Perhaps in 2021 I will be able to switch to blogging full time…

In Summary

2020 was insane in so many ways. It tried all of us. It limited what I was able to check of my bucket list this year by a lot, but I did accomplish a few things I never thought I would. I started a work training program preparing me for a career I never thought I’d have. I started a blog. I started a YouTube channel. I worked hard to make any progress to build a platform. I grew a beautiful garden.

So, maybe I didn’t travel or sightsee with friends. Maybe I didn’t save up as much as I would’ve liked. Maybe I stressed a little too much.

No matter the maybes, I made it. Each of you reading this made it. We got through 2020 as chaotic as it was. That’s something to be thankful for. I know personally I wrap each day with a prayer thanking for another day that I was here. For so many that was taken.

We can all hope that 2021 will be better but, even it is still hard, I will work to be grateful for every day. That’s all I can do. I will work every day to prepare myself to accomplish these seven things, and I hope y’all follow along my journey to do that.

To a brand new beginning.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! Whether you stay a day, a week, a month, or a year I appreciate you. -Kate

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