Spicy Veggie Casserole

This casserole is a great pick-me-up when the weather is cold.

Casseroles make incredibly easy dinners. They don’t take long to prepare and can be left hands-off while they cook. One of my favorite ways to make a casserole is to look at one of my favorite recipe books for inspiration and then adjust a recipe to fit what I have. Today I used my Taste of Home Casseroles book. It features 377 different casserole recipes. While most of them are non-vegan, I have learned how to substitute ingredients to suit my diet.

Today I drew inspiration from a recipe from the meatless section. This recipe is called: Brown Rice Casserole. It’s a recipe submitted by Glenda Schwarz of Morden, Manitoba. According to the recipe it’s prepared in 30 minutes and baked for 35.

Now I didn’t have brown rice on hand, however, I have a lot of white rice on hand so I though this would be the perfect casserole for me to make. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups uncooked brown rice, but I ended up using 1 cup white rice. I still filled my 9″x9″ casserole dish, so I was happy with my modification.

My second modification is with the source of protein for the casserole. The recipe calls for one cup split peas. I didn’t have split peas on hand, but I have a lot of lentils sitting around. So I substituted 3/4 cup green lentils for split peas. I really like lentils. They’re a good staple vegan protein sources.

I actually used to hate lentils! I had only had them prepared very overly boiled to the point they were mushy or mixed into burger when I was still eating meat. They also had never been seasoned to my liking so I always thought they tasted very bland. However, when prepared well, green lentils can be very good.

My third modification was to substitute celery for jalapenos. I thought I had celery on hand, but upon getting ready to prepare this casserole, I realized I didn’t. I, however, had a bag of jalapenos that I had forgotten about that were starting to look very sad. I decided to use those in the casserole. I quite enjoyed this substitution. They made the casserole a little spicy which I always like.

I’ve really enjoyed this casserole over the past week. It’s super yummy and I hope y’all try it out. If you do be sure to post a picture of it to Facebook or Instagram and tag me so I can like your post! I love seeing y’all make my recipes.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! Whether you stay a day, a week, a month, or a year, I appreciate you. -Kate

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