Creamy Beet and Carrot Soup

This soup is the perfect soup to warm you up in the middle of winter!

I am halfway through a 30 day challenge I took on to only eat foods I had stockpiled over the last few months. I’ve been trying to make as many nice homemade meals as I can and not just easy heat and go curries or beans and rice.

So tonight I made a warm, creamy, soup to warm me up.

It’s been getting colder here in Delaware now. While it doesn’t get much lower than freezing most days, I hate the cold! I don’t like winter a whole lot for that reason. I’m so sensitive to it. If it drops below 40 degrees I’m cold.

One upside to it being cold, however, is that I can make nice warm dishes like this soup. The cooking not only warms my house, but it warms me as well. If you’re currently experiencing cold where you are I guarantee this soup will be a perfect pick-me-up!

For this soup I utilized beets I had stored from the summer, as well as carrots I had bought prior to starting my 30 day challenge. Thankfully for me, carrots and beets store well! I also used thyme that my mom and I had dried over the summer. Finally, I used vegetable broth and non-dairy heavy whipping cream.

So what spices did I use? Besides thyme, I kept it pretty simple. A little salt, pepper, parsley, and lemon pepper is all I needed to make this soup delicious! The parsley I used was frozen fresh parsley from my own garden. I highly recommend freezing your parsley as opposed to drying it, because drying it causes it to lose a lot of its flavor and makes the texture less appetizing.

As always, I hope y’all enjoy this recipe! If you decide to make it be sure to take a picture and tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I love seeing y’all make my recipes!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! Whether you stay a day, a week, a month, or a year, I appreciate you. -Kate

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