Dealing With Depression As a Blogger

Sometimes I hit roadblocks, but the true test is how I overcome them.

I’ve had depression since I was 11 years old. It’s a part of my life that I have to contend with every day. I have methods to treat my depression (like medicine and therapy), however I know that my depression can stand in the way of my blogging abilities.

This time of year tends to be the hardest when it comes to my depression standing in the way of my blogging. It’s cold. It’s cloudy. It rains. The sun goes down early. It’s easy to hit a patch of funk where I lack the motivation to create.

Additionally, in the winter, I’m not growing a garden. That is something that brings me great joy and gives me a sense of purpose. I’m working hard every day to produce and that motivates me to also work hard to create content for my readers to enjoy.

It’s easy to create when the days are long, the sun is out, and I’m busy working outside. It’s not so easy when all I have is work, school, and writing. It’s easy to get lazy and trim the fat so that I have more time to just relax.

However, I know that I must motivate myself to create. My readers depend on it! I know I have a dedicated group of readers who always consume what I create and I’d hate to leave them hanging! Knowing that I have followers both on my blog itself and on my Facebook page really helps drive me to create.

I set a goal this year to blog every week and to grow my following. I’m determined to hold true to that resolution. I’m definitely a very stereotypical Virgo in that I write lists of what I seek to accomplish and I hold myself to it. I may not be the most organized, or have the easiest time sticking to a schedule, but I am a very determined person.

So what am I doing so that I don’t repeat last fall and stop writing and posting for a month? Well I go to therapy once a month. If you haven’t seen my video on why therapy is important, I highly recommend it. I go into why therapy is necessary when you have a true need.

I’ve been in therapy for years and it’s something I lean on to get me through the difficult months of the year. I’m able to talk and process the feelings of lethargy I’m feeling.

I also journal-ALOT. My mom jokes that I write everything down, but it’s at least partially true. I write down what I need to get done. I write down what I’ve done. I write down what I’m feeling. I write down my struggles and my successes.

My journals serve not only as a good outlet of feelings and emotions, but it’s another way for me to log and reflect on the happenings of my life. I can look back and see if, through my changes to my everyday living, I was able to change the outlook of my situation.

Often times I can just by better managing my feelings and desires to just shut down and retreat into a state of just getting by, find the energy to continue to engage with my audience.

I’ve been working on my 30 day stockpile challenge and it has thus far gone well. I’m starting to hit a bit of a creative roadblock, but it’s been fun. The having to post daily updates on what I’ve made from my stockpile and what I’ve been eating has kept me motivated to continue every day to create.

I’ve also been striving to grow my online following on YouTube. I post weekly videos on topics like this. I wanted in 2021 to be a better advocate for mental health struggles. If you’re interested in that part of my life my channel link will be at the top of this post.

So where am I heading?

Hopefully upward and onwards. With work and constant reminders of my goals, I hope to live up to my own expectations. Depression can be a beast and it can make me feel just utterly exhausted at times, but I know what I set out to do.

After all, like I said before, the sun and the warmth will return. It’s now under 3 months until I start sowing my first seeds in my mom’s greenhouse and in my garden. I plan to start greens the end of March. After that will be carrots and beets in April.

Things always turn up, because that’s the cycle of life. Sure, seasonal depression can get any of us down, but we’re stronger.

Stay strong and plow through the winter! Spring will be here before you know it.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! Whether you stay a day, a week, a month, or a year, I appreciate you. -Kate

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