Spiced Rum Molasses Cookies

I moved to a very rural part of Delaware when I was thirteen. Coming from a neighborhood that dumped right out on to a major highway, it was a big change. There was suddenly so many new things to experience! The open fields, the woods behind my house, what it was like to ride downContinue reading “Spiced Rum Molasses Cookies”

Benefits of Using Nettle In Your Garden

Most People View Nettle As a Pesky Weed, But it Can Be Super Beneficial to Fruit and Vegetable Plants! What Is Nettle? Nettle’s Latin name is Urtica dioica. The Utica genus contains eighty different species of nettle which grow across the entire planet. While nettle can be found anywhere from Africa and Asia to NewContinue reading “Benefits of Using Nettle In Your Garden”

Making a “Garden Sandwich”

What Is a “Garden Sandwich” A “garden sandwich” is a method of garden preparation that is commonly used by natural and permaculture growers. It’s comprised of three simple layers and is used to build up new layers of soil. It’s goal is to reduce care needed to grow a successful garden as well as amendContinue reading “Making a “Garden Sandwich””

Double Chocolate Cookies

The end of June and the beginning of July is always an amazing time in my family. My mom and I’s gardens are really taking off, and the weather is amazing! It’s always in the low 80’s and it’s so sunny. My whole family spends a lot of time outside just enjoying life. I alsoContinue reading “Double Chocolate Cookies”

Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to give my blog a read! You’re bound to enjoy, so stick around! My Background I was born in Dover, Delaware in the year 2000. I’m young right? I know. At the time Dover was just starting to grow. The hospital I was born in still only had three floors.Continue reading “Hi, I’m Kate!”

Starting My Garden

This is How My Warm Season 2020 Crop Began The Beginning of the Season Typically planting for the warm season begins as early as February in Delaware. It’s then that you plant vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Vegetables like these take a long time to even reach the size needed to transplant outside! It’sContinue reading “Starting My Garden”

Why I Went Vegan

My Decision to Go Plant-Based My Life Prior to Adopting a Plant-Based Diet Prior to adopting a plant-based diet I was very involved in the mainstream agriculture industry. I was a member of my high school’s FFA chapter all four years of high school. (FFA is an agriculture-based school program for those who don’t know.)Continue reading “Why I Went Vegan”

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