Where to Source Nitrogen For Your Garden

Nitrogen is one of the three macro-nutrients your garden requires to flourish. Thankfully, you have a plethora of source options. Plants require three macro-nutrients to grow. These nutrients are phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. If you’ve ever picked up a bag of plant fertilizer and seen three numbers written on the front, those numbers are theContinue reading “Where to Source Nitrogen For Your Garden”

Common Pests In My Garden

These Are a Few of the Pests That I Frequently See In My Garden and How I Manage Them Japanese Beetles Japanese Beetles are a common chewing insect. They originate in Japan, but have been in the US since the early 1900’s. They are most commonly found in the states east of the Mississippi River.Continue reading “Common Pests In My Garden”

Starting My Garden

This is How My Warm Season 2020 Crop Began The Beginning of the Season Typically planting for the warm season begins as early as February in Delaware. It’s then that you plant vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Vegetables like these take a long time to even reach the size needed to transplant outside! It’sContinue reading “Starting My Garden”

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