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An adventure into the world of vegan food and homesteading in Delaware

~Kate Emerson~

What I Do

I absolutely love to cook and bake vegan dishes. I look forward to sharing my favorite recipes I’ve found and the ones I create.

Every day I work in my garden to produce delicious and nutritious produce. All of my produce is naturally and organically grown.

With a passion for travel and learning, I want to bring you along my adventures exploring the world around me.


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Why You’ll Love My Blog

Delaware is an incredibly small state, in fact, most times when I’m traveling I’m the first Delawarean anyone’s met! Delaware is perfect blend of the beautiful four-season beauty of the north and the long and warm growing season of the south. I know you’ll love following my journey day by day, month by month, and year by year as a vegan gardener.

Where to Start

Popular Posts

Turmeric Squash Soup

This soup is wonderful enjoyed hot or cold. Soups are a super easy summer dish to make. This recipe combines winter squash that matured in my garden this month and spices like turmeric and pepper. This week I was looking to create an easy slow cooker recipe. I was super busy and did not haveContinue reading “Turmeric Squash Soup”

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